After Two Years, Tea Party Prisoner Has Learned Things About the Tea Party


There is a lot of bad journalism these days, so it is such a relief that some brave souls are still out there, ready to investigate the important stories of our time. In the opinion of one such person, the important story of our time is, "What are those Tea Party people up to, anyway?" Most of us had already jumped to the conclusion that the answer is "Illiteracy" and "Mayhem." We now have fully-researched proof of these conclusions, but why exactly did it take two whole years to get here?

When I started going to Tea Party meetings two years ago, I was sympathetic. Just after attending one in North Dakota in August of 2009, I wrote: "Most tea partiers are not bad people. They're just mad. In many meaningful ways, today's Tea Party attendees' lives have gotten consistently worse for the last 20 years, regardless of which party was in power." I concluded that trying to figure out what they wanted was a dead end because what they wanted was simply to complain—that the Tea Party "is not a group of listen and respond; this is a group of respond and respond."

Two years of Tea Party functions later, and I finally know what the Tea Party wants: A Christian nation.

In the last year or so, in addition to going to meetings and rallies, I've spent an unhealthy amount of time on the websites, Facebook pages and social networks of Tea Party organizations and those sympathetic to them. While many are still active, many others have not been updated for months and months. Many appear to have fallen off in activity in December, just after the elections. Event calendars are barren. "Latest updates" are months old and unanswered. Those that are active are often just ugly RSS feeds, just a string of links to news items on Breitbart sites or Newsmax.

Someone get this person a large amount of alcohol and some Michele Bachmann-strength pills, because two years reading Teabagger "social networks" probably does irreparable damage to the brain. [The Awl]


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