AIG CEO Will Testify, Then Go Immediately To Guantanamo

  • AIG chairman and CEO Edward Liddy does not want to defend his company's terrible bonus plan, but nobody else will do it for him. He will testify before the House Financial Services subcommittee at 10AM Eastern today. [CBS]
  • Connecticut's attorney general piles on, saying that using his state's Wage Act as an excuse for awarding AIG bonuses is totally dumb. [Reuters]
  • Huzzah, rising prices return after a brief hiatus! This is actually a good thing for the economy. [Washington Post]
  • Iran ruins the Iraqi economy by selling Iraqis cheap goods they are trying to manufacture themselves. [Wall Street Journal]
  • That Austrian dungeon incest creep confessed to all sorts of horrors, and the only reason we mention it is that literally all other news is about AIG. [Guardian]
  • Oh except for this cheerful news: if you are obese, you may find yourself ten years closer to death. [USA Today]

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