Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Flu

  • Surprise! American troops have withdrawn from Iraqi cities. And many large, contrived celebrations were held throughout the land, attended by few, because most people stayed home out of fear they would be bombed. [New York Times]
  • A freight train carrying tanks of gas derailed and exploded while passing through a station in western Italy, killing at least 12 people. [CNN]
  • Speaking of trains, do not ride the Red Line, regardless of what city you're in. Chicago's Red Line killed a man early this morning.The man apparently jumped out in front of the train, but STILL. [WBBM 780]
  • Public health officials are seeing an alarming number of flu cases this summer, like more than they see in an average winter flu season, but that's what happens when you have a global swine flu epidemic on your hands. [Washington Post]
  • The FDA tested a sample of the gross "dough-in-a-tube" delicacy from Nestlé and found E. coli in it. Article highlight: "The CDC said interviews with patients showed a high percentage of them ate raw Nestlé's cookie dough before becoming sick. Most victims are teenage and preteen girls, the CDC said." [Wall Street Journal]
  • For the first time, Iraq is auctioning off licenses to develop its oil reserves and allowing foreign companies to participate in the auction. [New York Times]

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