Air America: Can You Use Your Radio as a Flotation Device?

tilted_to_the_leftHope everyone at Air America paid attention during the stewardess's spiel, because it looks like there may be a water landing. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the network's CEO -- Mark Walsh, former AOL executive and Democratic National Committee operative -- and veep of operations are both leaving. Who's running it, then? Evan Cohen, who, we admit, sound perfect for the job:

    With Walsh's departure, Cohen has become the liberal network's key spokesman and public advocate. He has an unlikely past for the role: He began his career as a Republican operative in his native Guam, serving as spokesman for Guam's Republican Party and as chief of staff for Sen. Tommy Tanaka, a pro-life Republican legislator.

    Tanaka pleaded guilty to corruption charges last year.

    "I am a progressive," said Cohen, adding that Guam's political climate is quite different from the mainland's. "Republicans in Guam are to the left of [late Democratic Senator] Paul Wellstone," he said.

Whoa. You think this phenomenon is related to that thing that makes toilets flush in the opposite direction?

2 top Air America execs leave choppy network [Chicago Tribune]


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