Air America Expands to Fill Space

You know what was missing from your day? An Air America roundup. Wonkette aims to please:

"The tone of Air America was supposed to be as bold and belligerent as Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, an unapologetically liberal riposte to the conservative radio talk shows that dominate the airwaves. . . yet [Franken's] maiden show proved to be oddly subdued and, at times, defensive." [NYT]

"Yet beyond the personal mudslinging, the name of the station suggests this is a fight for the very soul of America. It symbolises progressives' drive to - as they put it - 'take back our country' in November." [BBC]

"Franken's 'Factor' was meandering and discursive, almost NPR-like, sounding more like someone shooting the breeze at a dinner party than trying to persuade listeners. The 'bumpers' between segments were soft and Muzak-like. With Franken speaking in a relatively low voice, the self-proclaimed 'Zero Spin Zone' sometimes sounded like a zero energy zone." [Howard Kurtz]

And from the real media:

"Well, we had three hours of Al Franken today. And what did we learn? Al Franken wrote a book. I forget the name. Something about liars. . . The Frankens are a nasally bunch. . . Michael Moore uses his skinny voice on the radio. . . Talk radio without drugs is boring." [Swamp City]

"But, don't worry, listen to the show anyway - they actually will be having some guests that people have heard of too!" [Atrios]

"How about some more people of color as hosts? I look at the web site's home page and see four white people. . . But right now, Chuck D is like the token." [John McCrory]

". . . the country's first liberal talk radio network. Err, except Pacifica. And maybe another tiny cluster of stations [NPR]" [Julian Sanchez on Hit & Run]

"Edgy guys. Real edgy." [Jeff Taylor on Hit & Run]

"Wouldn't it be great if after Franken's show, they just played nothing but Janet Jackson and Howard Stern for the rest of the day?" [Electabog]


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