Airplane Passenger Is Very Sure That God Does Not Want A Woman To Fly Him Anywhere

Airplane Passenger Is Very Sure That God Does Not Want A Woman To Fly Him Anywhere

We know that there are still many things where some menz have problems/wish there were no ladies, like in combat or on the boys' football team or whatever. However, we didn't really think that flying a plane counted as one of those things that was a super-freaky terror time for dudes because flying a plane is not really different for boys and girls. Apparently, though, there is at least one Canadian dude who is very unhappy that a lady touched his plane's joystick. Huh. We always thought Canada was the tolerant place.

A passenger, who identified himself as “David” left behind a sexist note questioning the credentials of Carey Steacy, a pilot with more than 17 years of experience.

In it, he said “a cockpit is no place for a woman” and that WestJet should inform him if a woman is flying the plane so he can book a different flight.

Sadly for Mr. David No-Last-Name, we do not think there will be a pick-your-own-pilot-gender option any time soon, because not-ridiculous people are generally cool with whoever flying them around as long as they are not drunk or suicidal or other things that actually make you unfit to fly. Oh, we're also kinda down with them being licensed. Being licensed is a thing you can legitimately demand from your pilots.

Perhaps David's consternation stems from the fact that he maybe believes that ladies only took to the skies recently and are therefore neophytes about this whole taking a vehicle into the air thing?

The note-writer questioned Steacy’s ability as soon as she took to the PA system to address passengers during take-off.

He reportedly kept asking flight attendants if she had enough flight hours to be flying a plane.

Man, you know he was just a treat to have on that flight.

Dude was also very certain that the Bible prohibits ladies flying planes, which seems like it would be both very mean and very prescient of the Bible. David thinks that Proverbs 31 prevents women captains or something, so we went and looked it up. It appears to be many words about how awesome ladies are when they have strong arms and plant things and buy wool and flax and sell linen shirts. David, this does not say anything about how the lady cannot fly the plane! Learn to read your Bible more better next time. Or just stop flying. That works too.

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