BREAKING BREITBART SCOOP MUST CREDIT BREITBART! In 2012, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken was videotaped goofing around with a couple of small traffic cones. Charlie Spiering, a Very Concerned Horcrux of Breitbart, offers this analysis:

Since his narrow election to the Senate in 2009, Sen. Al Franken has labored to create a new image for himself as a studious wonk. But it looks like he still retains the racy sense of humor that originally landed him on Saturday Night Live.

A new video obtained by Breitbart News shows the former comedian and left-wing pundit playing with a pair of traffic cones pretending they were a pair of female breasts.

Franken is seen in the video holding two cones to his chest and grinning in an apparent flash of comedy.

Yes, women's breasts are "funny" to Al Franken. SHAME AL FRANKEN. SHAME. Or possibly he was making a Madonna joke, which would be sadly out of date but also the first thing that comes to mind. Shocking video after the jump!!!

We learn that the "footage was taken in June 2012 at a fundraiser breakfast in Paradise Valley, Arizona, according to the anonymous source of the video; Franken had gone to support Democratic Senate candidate Dr. Richard Carmona. Spiering continues his description and analysis:

Franken has worked diligently to put his comedian image behind him, instead focusing on crafting a public persona as a serious legislator. For instance, he almost always refuses to speak with national media in the halls of the U.S. Capitol, engaging only with local media ...

Behind the scenes, as the new video shows, Franken maintains his sometimes off-color humor, even lending laugh lines to Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY.

We keep looking, but there's no sign of Rand Paul in there at all.

The piece closes with a note that "Franken is only earning a 46 percent approval rating in Minnesota and a 42 percent disapproval rating" in contrast to fellow Senator Amy Klobuchar, who "has a much higher rating of 63 percent." Clearly, Franken is on his last legs and will soon be defeated by whatever Republican runs against him. Please, God, let it be Bachmann! We won't even ask for anything for Christmas. And now we suppose Al Franken is in trouble with women somehow, because boob joke = DEMRATS WAR ON WOMEN!!1!


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