Al Franken Now Beholden To Republican Special Interests


The newly installed stooge/senator from Minnesota, veterancircus performer Al Franken, had to wait, what, eight months to assume office? And during that time he frittered away many an hour in court, wasting the People's Money on the frivolous lawsuit that was eventually decided in his favor. Norm Coleman warned him from the very beginning that The People would not look kindly on this frivolity and wasteful spending! Which is why it's funny that Minnesota's Republican Party has had to cut Franken a check for $96,000 to cover lawsuit-related fees.

Of course, this now makes Republicans some of Franken's very biggest contributors, which may have been Coleman's evil plan all along: rack up the legal fee bill so that Republicans would owe Franken as much money as possible, so that then they can remind him how much money they gave him the next time he starts whining about universal healthcare.

Or they are just dumb.

Republicans send Franken $95K after Senate case [Star Tribune]


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