Al Franken to Die in Mysterious Plane Crash

Al Franken -- who was funny once, we swear -- has decided to lose the campaign for US Senator from Minnesota.

Franken announced the end of his radio show recently and has since been calling various Minnesota pols to warn them that he's going to ruin their chances of picking up what could be an easy gain for the Democrats, if there was any chance in hell of the Minnesota DFL picking a viable candidate. At least he's not a Humphrey, said Democratic observers.

Howard Mortman dragged out Tom Shales' SNL book and found this choice Franken quote:

"But I only did cocaine to stay awake to make sure nobody else did too much cocaine. That was the only reason I ever did it. Heh-heh."

That'll play well in Minnesota. You can't even buy wine in supermarkets out there, for chrissakes.

Franken Sense [Extreme Mortman]

Franken Saying He'll Run for Senate [Strib]


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