Al Gore: If He's Not Running, Why Did He Shave the Beard?

gorecover.jpgAl Gore -- "not running" for president, encouraging talk that he is to get people to go see a documentary about global warming. Good work, you almost got us. Seriously, we were going to jet up to NYC for the premiere, but we thought we'd save a small patch of the ozone layer by staying home. Blasting the AC all weekend, but still. Thought that counts.

Anyway, in further reliable-but-unverified gossip, we hear Al might pull a Bob Kerrey and cockblock an entire become president of a University. We have no idea how interested he is in the position, but we do know that he's on the shortlist for presidency of Northeasern U, who need a "name" to help with fundraising woes.

Gore's one of a couple names on the list, and as we said, we don't know if he'd be inclined to accept the position. It would entail, after all, living in Boston.


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