Al Gore Wins Oscar, Promptly Agrees to Star in "Snow Dogs 2: An Inconvenient Pooch"

If you watched the Oscars last night, you saw former Vice President Al Gore, still expanding at precisely the same rate as John Travolta, pick up an Academy Award for his Power-Point presentation.

This win has boosted Al's "political stock" immensely, according to Donna Brazile, who ran Gore's disastrously bad 2000 campaign and then decided he shouldn't run again in 2004.

Oh and hey, did you know that Al Gore is our coolest Vice President ever? That's the word from to the reliably hip Sunday Post.

And that's also where we get off the train. Because a) Spiro Agnew and b) when's the last time Al Gore collaborated with a foreign spy to take over the country?

Al Gore, Rock Star [WP]

Gore's Oscar Fuels Call for Late Run [Politico]


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