Al Qaeda Is You!

* More rats abandon the McCain ship. [Wizbang Politics]

* But you'll still be able to find what's left of the McCain campaign in Concord, NH this weekend. [On Call]

* President Shitsack gets joy from making little girls cry. [Hot Air]

* Sadr was spotted in Najaf. He might as well just be in Iraq because it's not like the U.S. actually hunts downs and kills its enemies anyway -- we'll probably just blow up a school or a hospital in Baghdad instead. [Iraq Slogger]

* Nutcase has a knack for creative writing. [IMAO]

* Cheney loses his allowance until he come out of his goddamn room and explains himself. [Election Central]

* We have often asked ourselves the same question not just about the Times, but rather all of Los Angeles County -- but generally that has nothing to do with fat, imbecilic slob Fred Thompson. [LGF]

* Al Qaeda is on the verge of killing your children -- that is, if they haven't recruited them to kill you, instead. [Blotter]


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