Alabama Wingnut Candidate Thinks Liberals Will Shut Up Because He's Black


[youtube expand=1]

Here is Les Phillip, Republican congressional candidate from Alabama. He criticizes Barack Obama for befriending all sorts of terrorists instead of joining the Navy, like Les Phillip did. Phillip says he will stop Obama from destroying America, "and they're not gonna call me a racist." (Hilariously, he takes off his glasses while saying this, as if to reveal his race for the first time.)

Anyway, that sounds like a challenge. Les Phillip is racist. Les Phillip hates black people and thinks they are inferior to white people. Why does racist Les Phillip think that white skin is better than black skin? Has Les Phillip ever met a black person in his life? How many Klan meetings did Les Phillip attend last night to express his absolute, furious hatred of people with black skin?

[Andrew Sullivan]


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