• I'm old and I don't care any more and I'm not sorry I made you pay too much for your houseRemember when Alan Greenspan was in charge of our economies, and everyone parsed his inscrutable utterances to determine whether interest rates were going up or down, or to try to figure out if some key but obscure economic indicator was headed in the right direction? Well, now that he doesn't have a government job to protect, he's just up and saying all sorts of crazy things, like "The financial system is broke and I see we just stay where we are ... There's nothing out there that I can see which will alter the level of unemployment." [BBC]
  • General Petraeus has once again given the green light to airstrikes on "dilapidated buildings or other abandoned structures" in Afghanistan, which may be troubling because virtually every structure in Afghanistan is dilapidated to one degree or another. [WSJ via Fox]
  • John McCain is going to hold up the confirmation of the new National Intelligence Director until you pay attention to him, by God. [The Atlantic]
  • Maxine Waters is joining Charlie Rangel in the "Congresspersons With Ethical Problems Who Will Make The Midterms Even More Awkward For The Democrats" Caucus. [NYT]

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