Alan Greenspan To Leave Fed, Start Blog?

Tomorrow Alan Greenspan is scheduled to step down as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, a post he has held for 18 years. On Tuesday, in addition to voting on the far more contentious Alito nomination, the Senate will also vote to confirm Greenspan's successor at the Fed, Ben S. Bernanke.

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So what does Mr. Greenspan -- an economic hero to many, as well as a fixture on the D.C. party circuit -- plan to do in his post-Fed life? Will he head off to Disneyland, in a fit of retirement-induced "irrational exuberance"?

Probably not; he's a hardworking guy. The Times reports:

Mr. Greenspan is not disappearing. He plans to write a book and start a consulting firm called Greenspan Associates. And while he does plan to write and comment on the economy, he has vowed to avoid any comment about monetary policy.

[NBC News correspondent Andrea] Mitchell, his wife, said he recently started figuring out how to do his own research on the Internet; he is still in the process of getting a personal e-mail address. "He spent his entire adult life trying to understand how the economy is organized, and he's not going to stop now," Ms. Mitchell said.

Doing your own internet research? It's not that hard, Mr. Chairman; just ask Justice Kennedy for a few tips! Compared to managing the nation's monetary policy, it's a real cinch.

As for getting a personal e-mail address, Mr. Greenspan, that's way overrated -- unless you're in the market for "Viagra Soft Tabs as low as $3.86." But blogging, on the other hand, is great fun. You should give it a shot!

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