Alan Keyes Excited About Being Arrested, At Notre Dame


Father to a lesbian Hell Demon and former "Maryland diplomat" Alan Keyes, the self-proclaimed "abortion of politics," well he's going to Notre Dame, is what he's doing, to protest Barack Obama's upcoming commencement speech alongside the bloody baby carriages and Abortion Planes. Remember that not five years ago, Alan Keyes was Barack Obama's general election opponent for the United States Senate. Now Obama is president, and Keyes is the obnoxious slob who stands near the back of the auditorium at Obama's speeches shouting arbitrary, violent Bible verses for a few seconds before getting arrested. And Keyes is really looking forward to getting arrested at Notre Dame and spending the rest of his life in an Indiana county prison.

You must read this entire letter (.pdf) that Alan Keyes wrote, for the violence. It is like the opening D-Day scene in Saving Private Ryan, except all of the soldiers are fetuses.

These words must ring in the ears of faithful Christians as they consider the grim reality of abortion. Every time abortionists rip a child limb from limb within the womb; every time they crush the fragile head; every time they scorch the life from its body with a death dealing solution; every time they scrape its nascent cells of life from the walls of a womb- Jesus is savagely beaten again; his skull pressed down with thorns; his limbs pulled savagely in their sockets; his hands and feet pierced through with nails; his breath drawn with fiery pain; his life finally extinguished; every time.

Yeah, we "get" the psychological tactic here, Pavlovian or associative conditioning or whatever. Something about Jesus. Oh god we're so scared of abortion now! Before this we thought that the aborted fetus looked like a rainbow-striped bunny made of ice cream. (It kind of does!)


I will go to South Bend. I will step foot on the Notre Dame campus to lift up the standard that protects the life of the innocent children of this and every generation. I will do it all day and every day from now until the Master comes if need be, though it mean I shall be housed everyday in the prison house of lies and injustice that Obama, Jenkins and their minions now mean to construct for those who will never be still and silent in the face of their mockery of God and justice, their celebration of evil. If this be trespass, then forgive us our trespasses and join us in trespassing until the South Bend jail is filled to overflowing with witnesses to truth; filled beyond capacity; filled until we break the most onerous shackles of all- the ones that bind the heart and mind to evil and our nation to the path of its destruction.

So Alan Keyes says he will go to a small town in Indiana and stay there, in jail? Works for him, works for us.

Alan Keyes to Be Arrested at Notre Dame [Brody File]

Keyes' Letter (.pdf)


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