Alan Keyes To Win Nomination in Texas, That's the Ticket

Middling presidential candidate Alan Keyes, famous for being the most recent person to lose to Barack Obama in Illnois, will see Rudy's long-haul Florida strategy and raise him a Texas. Political newbies should take note of this healthy campaign strategy:

Although Keyes will make excursions outside Texas as needed, and will continue his nationwide radio blitz to counter the media's virtual blackout of his campaign, he plans to camp out in Texas until its primary on March 4. As most pundits agree, if Super Tuesday fails to produce a "presumptive" Republican nominee, Texas becomes all the more important as the last big prize of the primaries.

THE MAN KNOWS. Since George Bush has been able to executive order everything in secret this primary season, the winner of Texas' primary wins all delegates for both conventions and the presidency and a "figure head" role as King of Spain, courtesy of the Paraguay government.

Alan Keyes launches Texas swing [Alan Keyes for President]


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