Alaska Gov. Palin Embroiled In Trooper-Non-Firing Scandal?


So apparently Sarah Palin, our favorite Alaskan governor, has a sister, and her sister was married to a state trooper named Wooten until they went through a "bitter divorce." And then Palin and her husband and various others talked to Wooten's boss, the public safetey commissioner, and said...Well, nobody knows what they said, but the public safety commissioner felt PRESSURED to FIRE WOOTEN. But he didn't! And then mysteriouslyhe got fired instead.

So the question is, was Public Safety Commission Walt Monegan fired because he didn't want to get rid of the governor's sister's ex-husband, or was he fired because he kept stealing people's Cokes out of the fridge? Anyway, now people want a big investigation into this scandal, because the fired boss doesn't know why he was fired.

God, these state-level scandals are SO BORING when there's no sex involved. Somebody wake us up when the drug-addicted prostitute shows up with John Edwards' love child and runs over the state of Alaska in her black Corvette with expired tags.

Legislature may appoint investigator in firing [Anchorage Daily News]


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