Alaska Scandal: Wonkette Readers Report Raid!

Two emails that just came through the tubes:

There are at least 10 feds here at the Anchorage Legislative Offices. Apparently, they have search warrants for several Republican legislator's offices, including Sen. Ben Stevens', Uncle Ted's beloved ::cough:: anointed ::cough:: son. There's another warrant for a Girdwood (posh ski town 40 mins south of Anchorage) residence. Who has a residence there? Uncle Ted himself! The crazy tubes have got him at last!

Read more at but it's cra-hay-zy here at the office!

Good to know government employees still find time -- while being raided by the Justice Department -- to email Wonkette. We love you guys, seriously. Next slide, please:

There I am, going about my business on what would be another uneventful morning in the Anchorage offices of the Alaska Legislature, when I notice a suspicious congregation of "mod squad" misfits standing outside of Senate President Ben Stevens' (yes- son of Uncle Ted Stevens) door. Turns out they're FBI agents serving a search warrant for an ongoing investigation.

Talk about Republican culture of corruption, this story practically writes itself. Ben has had his own history of scandal, which caused him to finally drop his re-election bid. On the heels of Ted's most recent shenanigans, here's hoping this brings him one day closer to retirement.

Word is this has to do with private prisons and lobbyists.

So, uh, there you go. Ted Stevens' son: Totally corrupt.

FBI Searches Offices of 7 Alaska Lawmakers [AP via MSNBC]

Federal Agents Raid Legislative Offices [ADN]


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