Alaska Supreme Court: Joe Miller Is a Huge Loser

Alaska Supreme Court: Joe Miller Is a Huge Loser
  • Break out your advent calendar and enjoy a delicious chocolate-covered Alaska Supreme Court ruling which states there "are no remaining issues raised by Miller that prevent this election from being certified." Yay! Blow it out yer butt, Joe Miller, you hairy fraud. Joe will have two days to file "additional complaints," but it's unclear what he could possibly complain about at this point, since his dumb whining about "illegal voter intent" has officially been struck down. Maybe Joe Miller can argue that the Alaska Supreme Court is unconstitutional, because Sarah Palin never endorsed it on Twitter? Maybe! Thanks for the laughs, Joe. And please stay out of the news forever. [WP]
  • "WTF is the acronym for the newly formed WikiLeaks Task Force, a project launched by the CIA to determine how the leak of hundreds of thousands of cables and files will affect intelligence operations." There is simply nothing more to add. [Fox News]

  • A harmless seventeen-year-old Pakistani who lost both his legs in a horrible Predator drone attack is suing the United States for blowing his legs off with death robots for no reason whatsoever. [Seattle Times]


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