Albanians Steal Bush's Wristwatch -- THIS MEANS WAR!

Here's George W. Bush in Albania -- the only pro-Bush country left on the planet. Watch closely from 45 seconds in to just after the one-minute mark. There's Dubs shaking hands with the crowd, surrounded by the most nervous Secret Service guys we've ever seen, and then a whole bunch of hands go around his left wrist ... and then his watch is gone! Fuckers stole his watch!

George, when you travel to third-world countries or Italy (and Albania is sorta both), you do not wear a bunch of expensive shit that can be easily pickpocketed. Didn't your mom teach you this stuff when your dad was the U.S. ambassador to China?

The White House denies everything, of course, and has instead made up a dumb story about the Secret Service guys clandestinely removing his watch just in time.

U.S. denies reports Bush's watch stolen in Albania [Reuters]

Bush in Albania 2007 -- Cheering in Fushe Kruja [YouTube]

Mystery of President Bush's watch in Albania [TimesOnline]


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