Alberto Gonzales is a Dick

Asshole - WonketteRadar reports that "In a final act of lawlessness" outgoing asshole general Alberto Gonzales apparently pushed back everyone's tee times at the Chevy Chase club so that he and his non-member guest Condi could get the best time last Saturday. AND THE CLUB FORBIDS NON-MEMBERS FROM GOLFING ON WEEKENDS. As if that wasn't enough proof that the guy has not an ounce of concern for anyone but himself (and his boss, obviously), a reader sent in this shocking accusation from some lady's LiveJournal:

Is Fredo a... bad tipper?

two nights ago, the attorney general came to my restaurant., i'm serious. Alberto Gonzales came to my place of employment and ate dinner. i personally did not serve him (i served a few of his overstock of security guards, however; they were exceedingly pleasant, funny guys, not stiff stuck-up jerkfaces or anything. if i hadn't seen the little clear coil behind the one guy's ear, i doubt i would have had any idea they were important; like i was joking with them and giving them a hard time--shit, man, that guy coulda like...arrested me if he'd wanted to. XDDD), but my coworker Steven had the...pleasure? of serving Mr. Gonzales. as far as i know, the experience wasn't terribly unpleasant--i didn't hear that he was rude or a jerk or anything...but here's something you may not know--the attorney general is a lousy tipper.

...yes, you heard right. the attorney general--basically the head honcho of all lawyers--is a shitty-ass tipper. this guy makes more money than the net worth of many countries, and he can't afford to a cent over the bare minimum standard 15%? hello~~? gimme a fuckin' break. and i know for a fact that it wasn't because he got poor service; Steven is a great server and a really nice guy. Steven also knew this guy was important for one thing, and loaded for another, and i've no doubt he served the hell out of that table.

Sure 15% is still the accepted national standard, but we always tip 20%, and we're bloggers.

Shame on you, Mr. Attorney General. Shame on you.

Gonzales's Parting Act of Defiance [Radar]

oh the joys of being a waitress... [LiveJournal]


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