Alberto & Monica: A Love Story

What the hell was really going on at DoJ? It's amazing that a very young and very inexperienced law-school grad from a pretend college went from a very junior nobody to the Justice Department's liaison to the White House overnight.

Sure, you shudder at the idea of Monica Goodling naked, but maybe she was a perfect fantasy gal for the tiny lisping Constitution-burning Attorney General:

During a meeting in March before she resigned, Ms. Goodling said, Mr. Gonzales asked her questions that left her uncomfortable. She thought he might be trying to compare recollections, so their stories would be consistent if they were questioned about their actions, she said. "I just thought maybe we shouldn't have that conversation," she said.

Brian J. Roehrkasse, a Justice Department spokesman, said in a statement that Mr. Gonzales "has never attempted to influence or shape the testimony or public statements of any witness in this matter, including Ms. Goodling. The statements made by the attorney general during this meeting were intended only to comfort her in a very difficult period."

Comforting her in a difficult period, eh 'Berto? Forget the Saturday Night Massacre; Monica Goodling was Alberto's Tuesday Night Takedown.

Ex-Justice Aide Admits Politics Affected Hiring [NYT]


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