Larry Craig never planned to be a superstar, but he sure was this weekend! Here, in fabulous listicle form, is a roundup of just a taste of this weekend's public naughty-bog news:

* The Sunday blab-fests were pretty much all about the toilet sex. [New York Times]

* Jim McGreevey has a prayer for Larry. Hot! [Washington Post]

* Republicans claim they'll be "buoyed" by the scandal because even though they all jumped on Craig-bashing bandwagon simultaneously, they didn't hold hands while doing so. [The Hill]

* Bob Woodruff's return to ABC overshadowed by bathroom-diddling senator. [AP]

* The British view: "It is absurdity - the snigger factor - that seems to be the truly fatal element in any sex scandal." [Financial Times]

* Arianna Huffington wonders if Minneapolis airport police might not have better things to do with their time, but gets some funny jokes in. [Huffington Post]

* Christian Science Monitor manages the impossible: making the Larry Craig scandal boring by using it as a metaphor for US foreign policy. [CSM]

* Craig reassures his oldest adopted son with straight (LOL) talk. [AP]

* Alan Keyes' group would like to remind you that all the gays are restroom-befouling perverts. [Renew America]

* Wapo's dependably-unfunny Richard Cohen manages to do a news and scandal roundup with nary a mention of any icky tearoom senators. [Washington Post]


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