On Tuesday night the New York Times reported that conspiracy theorist and white supremacist Alex Jones had been suspended from Twitter for telling his supporters to keep their "battle rifles and everything ready at their bedsides," and to be ready for the war against the media. I guess @Jack won't be invited to Jones's secret bunker during the Second Civil War.

Jones is denying he told his gaggle of jackasses to go grab their guns and point them at journalists (again), and is blaming his suspension an imaginary deep state Chinese conspiracy to censor conservatives. We know this because Jones posted another rambling video to the Infowars Twitter account first thing Wednesday morning, probably right after he choked down a handful of his patented Real Red Pill dietary supplements.

Compounding Jones's woes, the FCC also shut down a pirate radio station in Austin, Texas, that acted as the flagship for Jones's radio show/Trucker Speed boutique. According to a lawsuit, Liberty Radio has been operating without a license since 2013, so the FCC fined the owners $15,000, which it refuses to pay because it feels the FCC has no authority over its 50-foot radio tower.

Over in crazy town, the tinfoil hat crowd has been screaming that this is all part of the super secret liberal plot to create a new world order free of whack-jobs, white supremacists, and gun humping conservatives, by creating new laws that limit free-dumbs of speech. You know, the kinds of laws that make it illegal to yell "bomb!" on a plane, lynch black people, or murder the LGBTs for being so goddamn fabulous.

A wretched hive of scum and villainy...

Twitter is the last safe space for Jones on social media after YouTube, Facebook, Apple, and Spotify all banned him from their respective platforms for being a degenerate bottom feeder. Over the last few weeks, Twitter CEO @Jack Dorsey has defended his move not to ban Jones by saying Twitter supports free speech, even if that speech is spewed by an overweight garbage man who sells diet pills and snake oil, calls the parents of murdered children "crisis actors," encourages armed insurrection, or peddles crackpot theories about gay frog water. In a new interview with NBC's Lester Holt, @Jack says he feels "time out" makes people think about what they've done, adding that Jones's "call to incitement to violence" required "action."

Continuing his defensive media blitz, @Jack sat down with WaPo to talk about the things Twitter is thinking about doing, like labeling bot accounts and surrounding shitposts with fact-checks -- stuff it should have been doing years ago. He argues that Twitter is a platform that should allow speech for everyone, be they dissidents in oppressive regimes, or regimes oppressing dissidents. Though this is a fair debate to be had between rational adults, multi-millionaire millennial shut-ins in Silicon Valley clearly don't know squat about about social media's power in dictatorial regimes. It took a mass shooting at YouTube before they started banning gun fetish videos, so what does @Jack need?

It's worth mentioning that @Jack's refusal to jump on the bandwagon prompted Jones to call @Jack a friend and ally on Monday. Last week @Jack called into Sean Hannity's radio show where lapped up high praise from 'Merica's chief yellow journalist TV talking head for protecting hate speech. Later that same evening, @Jack tiptoed around accusations that he was being a feckless weenie by tweeting that Jones sensationalizes and spreads misinformation, but it was up to real journalists to refute his crap.

All in all, we guess It's nice to know that @Jack gives a damn when Jones tells his zealots to shove guns in our fucking faces. You know, right before Lester Holt shoves a microphone in front of his.

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Dominic Gwinn

Dominic is a broke journalist in Chicago. You can find him in a dirty bar talking to weirdos, or in a gutter taking photos.


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