Alexandra Polier! Alexandra Polier! Alexandra Polier!

sort_of_hotSo we started that New York magazine story about the girl who might have been John Kerry's lover. . . and then we just skipped to the end. Did she do him or what, right? She did not. In fact, "In retrospect, I wonder whether I should have denied the rumor sooner or if I should have asked more clearly for advice." Huh. You think? In the end, however, she has learned some things. The state of political reporting? "Pitiful." Opposition research? "Unholy." The Internet? "Its latest tool."

Shorter Alexandra Polier: "Maybe I should have paid more attention in journalism school."

Oh, we kid. We totally owe her a drink. Do you think she might pose for some fake lesbian soft-core porn pictures?

The Education of Alexandra Polier [NY]


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