Alien Agenda: Kucinich & Obama Battle Over Space Monsters

[youtube expand=1]

The pre-Halloween Democratic Debate was the usual boring candidate circle jerk until UFO nut Tim Russert brought up his love of Space Monsters and Shirley MacLaine to Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Like Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, Kucinich has seen a UFO.

Russert had his big joke ready, about how 14% of Americans have also claimed a UFO sighting -- that's 42 million people, or just 8 million fewer who voted for George W. Bush in 2000. But the Funny didn't do so well once Kucinich compared the figure to George W. Bush's current approval rating.

Oh, and then, Kucinich goes all crazy and brings up the "Constitution" and war or whatever. Freak!

[youtube expand=1]

And then Tim Russert ate Bill Richardson, the end.


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