All Aboard the USS Dingbat!

 We talk about it all night long, We define our moral ground ... - WonketteDid you miss the vacation experience of a lifetime? You know, the National Review luxury cruise featuring leading neoconservative opinion writers who know the real story about why your daughter will be speaking Spanish while having her abortions under that burqa? Worry not, because UK journalist Johann Hari took the terrible trip and documented it for the New Republic.

Some of what you missed:

* Angry neocons paid up to $6,000 to holiday with the likes of William F. Buckley, founder of the magazine.

* But they all hate his guts and mock him as being senile now because he won't pretend the Iraq Occupation is a great success.

* They kind of hate current National Review editor Rich Lowry, too, because he doesn't believe we "won" in Iraq, either.

* Have you heard about the Al Qaeda Muslims? And how They are taking over Europe and then America, probably by 2015, which is coming pretty soon?

* A good joke about the U.N. headquarters in New York is "They should suicide-bomb that place."

* The NR cruisers are horrified by the idea of getting off the ship in Puerto Vallarta and having a look around the resort town. One shrieks, "Do you want to die?!"

* Despite being the only Real American brave enough to personally fight off the Muslim Invasion of America by tossing copies of his books about the Muslim Invasion at the Invading Muslims, Dinesh D'Souza kinda looks like a foreigner himself.

Cruisin' With the Neocons [Johann Hari]

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This National Review Cruise Is Sounding Better All the Time


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