All California Democrats Pretty Much In The Chinese Mob, We Guess


Well, here is a fine howdeyedo: the FBI isjust cold arresting California state Senators for "corruption" and apparently "being in the Chinese mob" and also something about Freemasons. Democrat Leland Yee, who serves the gentle hippies of NoCal, was just chilling at his home when the G-Men were like BOOM YA BUSTED, along with many other people like

notorious Chinatown gangster Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, connected to a variety of charges including racketeering and drug crimes, sources said.

FBI agents and local police are serving arrest and search warrants throughout the Bay Area, with agents seen in locations in San Francisco and San Mateo, as well as Yee's Capitol office in Sacramento. One of the searches was at the San Francisco Chinatown office of the Gee King Tong Free Masons and is linked to Chow's arrest.

Mercury News, might this put a damper on Yee's candidacy for Secretary of State? And what about the TWO OTHER DEMOCRATS on paid leave as they fight criminal charges?

Yee's indictment might put his candidacy for Secretary of State in ruins, and threaten Democrats' ability to restore the state Senate supermajority that already has been broken by two other lawmakers' paid leaves of absence to deal with criminal charges.

That is very good analysis that is very good to know! (The paper later tells us just who Yee is running against for SoS; the candidates include some random LA Dems and "nonpartisan" Dan Schnur -- yes, the same Dan Schnur who worked for John McCain and Pete Wilson in his 30 years as a Republican operative, so that is adorable.)

In other California Democrats under arrest news, Ronald Calderon was bagged by the Fibbies in February for alleged bribe-taking, while Rod Wright of Inglewood was convicted of carpetbagging, apparently, but those are not as sexy as being in the Chinese mafia, allegedly.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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