All D.C.-Area Media Shutting Down Forever


Good christ, how do you like this Economy -- especially all you poor doomed media people? But at least "New Deal" Washington is immune to the national media meltdown, right? Not so much. Join us for what will probably be a not-fun new feature about Washington metro publications and journalists getting the axe. What should we call it? Ah, how about "Blood on the Snow," as tribute to the Father of Our District'sfamous remarks about all the poor dumb shoeless Revolutionary War soldiers who died under his command, in wintertime.

(Once the inch of snow is forgotten, we will change the name to "Blood on the Rats.")

  • The long-rumored shutdown of Washington Post Book World is finally official. This is actually terrible. How much does it cost to print a few extra tabloid-size pages with a few book reviews, in the nation's capital? The standalone section will be disappeared next month, and what book reviews are printed will be stuffed in the back of Style and Outlook somewhere, by the "Do You Have Psoriasis?" ads. A bunch of famous authors have sent a letter protesting the decision, blah blah, but for now Washington will have to rely on Wonkette's new weekly book section, which is also funny. [Howard Kurtz]
  • AOL is cutting 10% of its remaining 7,000 employees, getting rid of an unknown number of temporary and contract workers, and shedding office space. Empty chunks of the Dulles headquarters will be leased out. No word yet on how many of the latest 700 job cuts will hit No. Virginia employees. [Kara Swisher]
  • The last issue of the Baltimore Examiner free daily will be February 15. The website will also be shut down. About 90 people will lose their jobs, as none of them will be invited to work for the surviving Washington Examiner. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Oh, christ, Congressional Quarterly is going up for sale. Didn't we spread some gossip about that, recently? Hang on .... ah, we posted a rumor about the impending doom at Roll Call. Close enough, right? (Or, "soon enough," ugh.) Hopefully the sale of CQ will go better than the sale of the Baltimore Examiner. [Press Release]

That's it for today! This sure is depressing! How does Hamilton Nolan write these things every day without turning to .... eh never mind.


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