All Hell Breaks Loose

  • Even though President Obama has already revealed he's in the pocket of Big Brew, some reporter was able to eke out several hundred words on which fortunate American microbrew might be served at the Gates-Crowley Racial Healing Drink-a-Thon at the White House. [ABC News]
  • Is your drywall contractor a violent jihadist? The answer may surprise you! [AP]
  • The First Officer on the flight that crashed in Buffalo this past winter was horribly underpaid and fighting off a bad head cold. [Buffalo News]
  • It's expensive to be obese. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The Pakistani government has rescued and is now attempting to rehabilitate nearly a dozen boys who were brainwashed by the Taliban into training to become suicide bombers. [Reuters]
  • Now the House is dragging its heels as the Senate edges ever closer to a healthcare bill. [New York Times]

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