All I Needed to Learn About the Evil Right Wing I Learned from The NYT

Just when you thought it was safe to stop trusting David Brooks, the Times goes and treats the release of the final book in the "Left Behind" series as though it were the literary equivalent of finding water on Mars. The article has more scare quotes than Yale American Studies seminar:

As a pastor in San Diego 40 years ago, he became convinced of a brewing "battle for the mind"

The succeeding novels tick off the pivotal steps Dr. LaHaye foresees during the ensuing "tribulation"

Meanwhile, 144,000 Jews convert to evangelical Christianity, including one rabbi whose conversion takes place live on global television, and lead an underground "remnant" of believers

Careful, Kirkpatrick, someone might think you're not being condescending enough. He also totally gives the ending away.

In 12th Book of Best-Selling Series, Jesus Returns [NYT]


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