All Iraqis to America: Please Go Away

saddam121907.jpgHere's something that may come as a shock to you: Iraqis don't want us in their country. No, seriously, it's true. The Washington Post is reporting on a new study that found Iraqis of all sectarian and ethnic groups blame the U.S. occupying forces for the violence that plagues them. So we're packing up and leaving, right? Right?

According to these so-called "Iraqis," the first step toward that much desired "national reconciliation" that apparently is the purpose of this whole escapade is, you know, getting the fuck out of their country. This is good news says the military, not that we have plans to leave or anything. But it's great to see that these people have some "shared beliefs"! We're on the road to national reconciliation indeed!

All Iraqi Groups Blame U.S. Invasion for Discord, Study Shows [WP]


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