All My Exes Live In Texas

  • Warren Buffett is truly our modern JP Morgan! Today he writes that people should sack up and start investing again, and people who have all their money in cash are big dummies. [New York Times]
  • Oh awesome, Texas is not really prepared, at all, for election day. No great contingency plans in case voting machines break down, no procedures for doing an audit. [Austin American Stateman]
  • Obese people do not even enjoy eating trashy milkshakes like this one. [WebMD]
  • In the UK, the Tory leader blamed the Labor party for messing up the economy. In the US, everyone blames famous Tory leader George W. Bush. [Guardian]
  • John McCain has to defend a bunch of battleground states this weekend: Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. [AP]
  • At his corruption trial, Uncle Ted Stevens took the stand and waxed nostalgic about his many years lying and scheming on behalf of Alaskans. [New York Times]

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