All Our Role Models Are Pot Fiends And Tax Cheats

  • According to a little hibernating varmint in Gobbler's Knob, we will have six more weeks of winter. [AP]
  • Republicans felt betrayed that the new SCHIP bill included provisions for covering the children of certain legal immigrants so they voted against it. This lack of bipartisanship does not bode well for healthcare reform. [Washington Post]
  • Rod Blagojevich will appear on David Letterman's show on Tuesday night. Oh boy! [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Tom Daschle is "deeply embarrassed" that for three frigging years he was squired around town by some rich patron's chauffeur and it never occurred to him that this might have tax implications. [CNN]
  • Champion swimmer Michael Phelps committed the unholy moral trespass of smoking pot in the off-season, so he had to issue an apology to the International Olympic Committee. So far no stories of dropped endorsements. [ESPN]
  • Commerce secretary candidate Judd Gregg assured his fellow Republicans that, were he to get the post, another Republican would replace him. [Los Angeles Times]

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