All the George Bushes Wish You a Very '70s Xmas

Christmas used to be a happier time, back when we weren't losing wars all over the world and in national decline. For example, in the 1970s George W. Bush was just another harmless preppie jackass with the tie and blazer slung over his shoulder and a cigarette in his hand. And Rick Santorum's daughter was there, dressed in her summer-Chrizmas finest. And Tucker Carlson was there, too, with his arm around Poppy Bush and the same stylish jacket-tie problem.

Jesus Christ, they all have their ties flipped over their shoulders except for Barbara and Poppy (and Rick Santorum's daughter). How much blow do you figure Junior snorted on this particular day at the Kennebunkport Compound?

Holiday Flashback: Enjoy a Very 1970's Christmas Greeting From America's Super-Wholesome Royal Family []


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