All The Hookers Are Now Free, For Obama's Communist Amerika!


  • Local street hobos are very pessimistic about the Inauguration. Hope! [DC Examiner]
  • Good news about your Maryland bars!: those in DC will stay open until 5 AM, and those in Annapolis will stay open until 3 AM. [WTOP]
  • Obama might not be in favor of giving DC a seat in the House, despite selfishly going out to DC restaurants with his wife. [Washington Post]
  • Parts of NW DC have been marked a "prostitution free zone", where presumably all whores can be rented (& no late fees!) free of charge. [DCist]
  • Obama stopped by to hang out with his friends at the Washington Post, a visit that was sarcastically and undermine-ingly covered by the hilariously sad New York Times. [Fishbowl DC]

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