All They Got is Brokeback Budget

norquist.jpgThe Washington Post has put forth an extensive article on everyone's favorite scandal-plagued lobbyist today that's sure to enter the canon as one of the illuminated manuscripts of the origin of Abramoffukkah. But at least one passage has readers feeling a little skeeved:

"Norquist was one of the intellectual architects of the Republican Revolution and a muse for its leader, Newt Gingrich..."

Eeek. This mental image has us rethinking everything. We'd naturally assumed Gingrich was a definite top, but everyone knows that it's Norquist who has that "club" for "growth." God, we wish they could quit each other!

The Fast Rise and Steep Fall of Jack Abramoff [Washington Post]

UPDATE: Ooops. Looks like we confused our anti-tax fundamentalists. Lacking a club for growth, it looks like "muse" Norquist got ridden hard and put away wet by Gingrich after all. All is right with the world.


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