• GWU Medical School is just barely accredited, in fact, it is the only medical school on probation, which sounds serious! Naturally, this is where Dick Cheney was taken. [DCist]
  • Your Orange Metro Line has a wide stance, but the inspector didn't notice, and next thing you know, derailment. This inspector was given a "refresher course." [DC Examiner]
  • This lady stole half a million dollars from the Metro by swapping in cash for "Metrocheks," which are worthless vouchers. She will have to pay back the amount of her illicit Metro bounty in installments of $200/month. According to a calculator, it will take her 208 years to do this. [WTOP]
  • A hayride carrying some children crashed into an elementary school. It was a haunted hayride. [Washington Post]
  • The Washington Post not only endorsed Obama, it accepted clandestine hush money in exchange for allowing Obama to post partisan advertisements on the despicable paper's Internet web-site. [Fishbowl DC]

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