All Your Slogan Are Belong to Us

The Sloganator is dead! Long live the Sloganator!

The "Coalition-Groupernator" and the "Staternator" live on, but how much fun is that? Maybe if we pay Rhode Island enough, they'll change their name to "Polesmokers and Rugmunchers for. . ."

This means we'll have to lay off Natraj, too. On the plus side: We're no longer Benedict Arnold CEOs. On the other hand, Natraj will have to start selling his tiny, frail body on the street. Shame on you, Mr. Bush, shame on you.

The last known slogans to make it through The Sloganator:

'Orwellian slogan makers for Bush/Cheney '04'

'Milkshakes are yummy'

'Hot crotch and robot-diamond'

Goodbye, Sloganator. [Cue that Green Day song they play when people die on television. . . ]

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