All Your Wonkette Web Adultery, In One Post!

All Your Wonkette Web Adultery, In One Post!

Here's a fun new "open thread" thing we will do, which will simultaneously tackle the Problem of coming up with an "open thread" deal and the other Problem of how your Wonkette editors need to whore their free-lance stuff, so that you will read it, and then Wonkette's free-lance editors will be all, "THX 4 DA PAGEVIEWZ" and your editors will be all, "No, thankyou, for the paychecks," and then everybody will have sex, with a trash robot.

It is called "Wonkette Writers Around Town." So classy! Go ahead and have fun/interesting conversations in the comments -- by which, we mean, you don't really need to make a lot of comments along the lines of "Wow somebody PAYS you to write this crap," &c. Instead, you could just skip this post, as a rule. Easy!

  • Why can't you legally use the Secret Legal Loophole and not pay your taxes, like the crazy people? [NBC Washington]
  • Poll of the Now: Should citizens pay income tax today, or mail a small baglet of tea to the government? Who will win?! [AOL Hot Seat]
  • Remember that one guy? Christian, likes poor people, used to be fat? Yeah well he will not become president in 2012, either. [NBC New York]
  • What the Teabaggers have really taught us is the crucial role tea has played in developing global trade. [True/Slant]
  • One way you can tell Obama is gay/socialist/foreign is his "virtue" of patience. [NBC New York]
  • Uh oh, here's some more scintillating journalism video of today's tea-less teabagging tea party in DC. [NBC Washington]

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