Alleged Former Paterson Tootsie Works In 'Intergovernmental Affairs'

Mrs. Paterson, always so appalledWe are liking this Governor Paterson fellow a whole lot. Not only does he make hilarious cracks about lobbyist whores, he openly admits to having affairs while serving in the New York State Senate. We are only sorry that he and his wife seem to have mended fences and will not be having any more affairs any time soon. But but but! Not one but TWO Spitzer officials say that one of the gals he used to romance now "works under" the new governor of New York.

Even better, alleged former ladyfriend Lila Kirton works as the director of community AFFAIRS for the office of intergovernmental AFFAIRS. At the time of her own rumored intergovernmental affair between 1999 and 2001, she was working for Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Now she's working in the gov's office, and Paterson says "he would leave it up to her to decide whether to leave the administration." Please, alleged former ladyfriend, stay! And maybe take the boss and his foxy wife to T.G.I. Friday's if you're feeling frisky.

New Governor Owns Up to Multiple Affairs [New York Sun]


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