Allen Failed to Keep Eye on Ball, Head in Game

Dear George Allen,


He drew an analogy to a one-point football loss, saying it was unwise to go back and second-guess every fumble, offsides violation or miscalled play.

"I'm not going to brood over every single one of those plays in the first quarter, or in the second quarter," he said.

"Suffice it to say that in the event that this [campaign] was more focused, and I had done a better job, and our team had done a better job -- I'm the quarterback or coach, it's my name on the ballot -- if the A-team, and me in particular, had done better, the team would have done better."

Jesus christ we didn't think it was actually possible to sound stupider than a football player being interviewed after a game, but a departing senator has managed it.

Allen also refused to allow the Times-Dispatch to photograph him in his loser's office with the moving boxes, empty bookshelves, and crate o' prop footballs.

Allen: Bid Didn't Focus on Issues, His Record [Times-Dispatch]


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