Allen Staffers Beat Up Blogger, Nation Celebrates

A blogger was brutally attacked at a George Allen campaign rally today for asking a simple question: "When did you stop beating your wife?" Actually, it was "why did you spit on your first wife," but the idea's the same. NBC4 was there! But they didn't bother to get the name of the guy (apparently blogger Mike Stark) or talk to any of the people who kicked his ass ("presumed to be staffers"). Local journalism!

Allen's gotta be feeling pretty low these days if he's letting his staff do all the roughing up. He outta drag a couple of 'em across the room by their hair for old times' sake.

Incident at Allen Campaign Stop in Charlottesville [NBC29]

BREAKING: Virginia GOP Senator George Allen Staffers Tackle/Assault Man Asking Questions at Allen Event [AmericaBlog]


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