Allen v. Webb: Virginia Really Not Coming Off That Great to Rest of Country Right Now

One pair of these boots hates Colored folk. (Photo: AP)

The single most imporant issue facing the country: WHO HATED BLACK PEOPLE 40 YEARS AGO?

Salon found someone to corroborate the George Allen put a deer head in a black family's mailbox story (would a deer head fit in a mailbox? Is this another Koran/toilet thing?), and then the Allen guys found someone to say that his opponent, James "Thunder Thighs" Webb, was even racister back in 1963. Guy was white, Southern, and headed for the military, so of fucking course he was, but Allen's team found the nuttiest possible crazy man to tell a nutty crazy story about Webb and friends driving around Watts, pointing unloaded guns at black people, shouting epithets, pulling the trigger, and laughing all the way back home.

Cragg said Webb told him the Watts story during a 1983 interview for a Vietnam veterans magazine. Cragg, who described himself as a Republican who would vote for Allen, did not include the story in his article. He provided a transcript of the interview, but the transcript does not contain the ROTC story. He said he still remembers the exchange vividly more than 20 years later.

Webb's response was brief, but effective: He would not be alive today if he'd driven around Watts shouting racial epithets in 1963. He'd have been beaten like a Michigan Young Republican. But, you know, way worse. And by black people, not queers.

Webb Denies Ever Using Word as Epithet [WP]

Another Allen Teammate Recalls Deer Head Incident [Salon]


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