Newt Gingrich's week has been so bad that he can't shake one person's hand without that nobody immediately making news. First it was the "get out!" guy; now Newt has had a box of glitter dumped on him because he dislikes gays. Yes, glitter is a more cost-effective way to be shiny than running up huge bills at a jewelry store, but if you're going to give Newt this tip, please just say it to him, don't pour it on him. Also: it would probably be funnier if you covered him in gold paint. What other indignities has the jowly potato noggin been through in recent hours?

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich apologized in a telephone call to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Tuesday afternoon for his remarks on “Meet the Press,” where the presidential candidate referred to Ryan’s Medicare proposal as “radical change.”

Awkward. And not just one call. Newt also had to sit through an hour of conference calls getting chewed out by Teabagger "leaders."

The glitter guy with the messenger bag is apparently the same guy with the messenger bag who dumped an NPR tote of pennies in front of ("on") then Minnesota Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Emmer. This time with Newt, at least some of the object got on the candidate, so the guy is getting better at it. The box is better than the tote bag, we guess, but maybe this guy could get one of those power house-painter things. And use it to shoot santorum at Santorum. [AP/Politico]


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