Also Breaking: Karl Rove Still Employed

Hey kids, guess what -- because there is breaking news, our servers are shorting out and giving you a good twenty-minute delay before anything we write actually shows up on your computer screens. But rest assured, we're on top of all the crazy developments and speculation and gleeful high-fiving surrounding the WEDNESDAY MORNING SHAKE-UP-A-THON '06. Just take our words for it.

Lost in the flurry of attention surrounding Scott McClellan's resignation is Karl Rove's own personal shake-up (no, he's not "resigning" and he hasn't been fired, people -- reading comprehension is yr friend), moving from a policy guy (deputy chief of staff in charge of policy coordination) back to the only work he's actually good at, dirty politics. Most of the reason we don't believe the "genius" line regarding Rove is that as a policy guy, he's never accomplished anything. His specialty is winning elections inna Lee Atwater stylee, and they're putting him to work on the midterms. First smart move Yosh has made, if y'ask us.

The deputy budget director's being brought in to replace Rove, continuing the "shake-up equals moving a couple people to offices down the hall and giving them new business cards" pattern.

McClellan Leaves White House Press Office [AP via WP]


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