Also Good For Concentration Camps

My pussy's THIS big - WonketteWe were busy buying weapons this weekend, so we missed the NYT mag's Q&A with John "Soaring Eagle, Crouching Muslim" Ashcroft. Luckily it's still online and we can forever enjoy exchanges like this one:

In addition to songwriting, you dabble in the visual arts. What sort of work do you do?

I make barbed-wire sculpture.

Why barbed wire?

Because there was a surplus of it on my farm.

Ashcroft also reveals that he doesn't give a hoot if the Jews take offense over the title of his self-serving 9/11 bullshit book, "Never Again."

For God and Country [NYT Magazine]

Never Again?: New John Ashcroft Book is Exercise in Hypocrisy [Debbie Schlussel]


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