Also, Mike Jones Wants All the Male Hookers In DC To Reveal Their Clients

That ain't natural! - WonketteMike Jones, the guy who blew the whistle on Reverend Ted Haggard's love of meth and gay sex, did a radio interview on Sirius today. You wanted specifics, right?

* "I only advertised in gay publications. So if someone was looking for me, they were looking in a gay publication."

* "The first time it was pretty much mutual masturbation, then in time oral sex. He was really pretty vanilla. Only once in three years did we try anal sex."

* "When I was on the radio show in Denver, the question was asked: Did you practice safe sex? I said, We used a condom once. The talk show host goes, You mean he wore the condom once? I said, Uh, no, I did."

* "I can't tell you how many ministers, pastors, priests I've had. It didn't bother me, nothing surprised me."

* "Yes, he agreed [crystal meth] enhanced his pleasure and said that he used it when he had sex with his wife too."

Signorile interviews fallen-evangelical-leader Ted Haggard's male hooker [America Blog]


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