Also, SCOTUS Just Sounds Dirty

We're embarrassed to think that anyone at an institution as important-sounding as "The American Constitution Society" would be reading Wonkette at all, much less "too much," but we are happy to serve as an excuse for the ACS blogmaster to think about gossip while reading about Supreme Court decisions. He writes: "Now maybe I've just been visiting Wonkette too much, but this next part I found fascinating: . . . At one point, one of Blackmun's law clerks wrote that the three centrist justices could pay a price for disagreeing with the White House view on abortion. The unmarried Souter might lose his popularity with then-first lady Barbara Bush as her favorite "most-eligible bachelor" to invite to White House dinners, the clerk wrote. "

He then asks, "Are clerks usually tasked with vetting the Court's decisions for potential conflicts with the Justices' social lives?" Close! My first thought was actually: "But isn't Souter a big gay?"

SCOTUS Revelations [The American Constitution Society Blog]


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